Wooden Venetian Blind

The wooden blind has all the advantages of the Venetian blind with the addition of diversified natural looks. Wooden blinds are very dominant and serve both as blinds and furniture.TKIS’s wooden blinds are made of Frassinette (wood), which is perfectly suitable for this product due to its weight and durability.

Frassinette is a designated and especially qualitative wood. Although this raw material is more expensive than other wood types, for TKIS this is world highest most prestigious standard, which provides longevity to a product that looks like furniture. The Frassinette is extremely light and stable.It is painted at the company’s plants using cutting-edge technology.

Bamboo is indicated as an excellent wood substitute due to its special qualities. Increased industrial use of bamboo will decrease the pressure currently put on rain forests. Many countries already allocate vast crop areas for bamboo and develop a technology which will assist in enhancing the use of this natural and available material, the full potential of which we have not yet seen.

The Finewood blinds are made with a unique manufacturing process of chip compression, and the texture is created in a lamination process much like the production of parquets. On the one hand, this process reduces the use of wood and on the other hand it diversifies the wood collection by special processing types. These blinds are produced with 50mm slats only.

TKIS’s wood products are a variation of the Venetian blind, providing a warm and natural atmosphere to the home.Each wooden slat can be adjusted to gently control the amount of incoming light.The 50mm wooden Venetian has a strong presence, enhancing the blind’s color and texture.

The entire operation of the blind, including lifting, lowering and rotating the slats is by pulling cords. The cord mechanism is also suitable for 50mm-wide slats.

Rotation Wand
The rotation wand is a combined cord and wand mechanism. The cords are for lifting or lowering the blind, whereas slat yawing is done with the rotation wand. This is the standard mechanism, which is recommended for all types of wooden blinds. The hue of the rotation wand matches the color of the blind.

The Venetian blind is provided with an ultramodern operating mechanism.Nevertheless, if you prefer the technical look, your Venetian may have a classical mechanism.

Mono / Turbo
The Mono is a single mechanism for all the blind’s operations. 2 types of Mono mechanisms are generally used: the mono crank and the turbo. With the Mono you use a crank to lift/lower or tilt, and with the turbo it is done by a cord.

Ladder Tapes
You may choose to add decorative ladder tapes for a richer look of the blind. There are different colors of ladder tapes suitable with the blind.

Ladder Strings
Venetian blinds includes ladder strings, of long-term resistance to fading and abrasion.