Day & Night Blind

The Day & Night Blind is made of two layers of screen fabric and sealed fabric, where changing their overlapping sections enables control of the dissemble level and the amount of incoming light.

The Day & Night Blind constitute a combination between an elegantly looking fabric blind and the ability to accurately and delicately adjust the level of room shading and dissemble just like a shade.

TKIS’s new and exclusive: Dim-out Day & Night Blind. This Day & Night Blind comes in a variety of fabrics, variety and designs including shading fabrics that gently filter the incoming light. Dim-out Day & Night Blind is a new product. With opaque fabrics and designated bottom rails enable darkening, thus suitable for bedrooms and TV rooms.

Each part of TKIS’s Day & Night Blind: operating mechanism, installation accessories, cassette and bottom rail, match the blind’s color. The full color match among the different blind parts creates a harmony between the Day & Night Blind and every room and atmosphere.

Do you like to feel free? Feel free to choose the exact Day & Night Blind that suits you. With hundreds of colors and a wide variety of strip widths, you will be able to find just the right blind you have been looking for.

With the Day & Night Blind you may choose not only the blind color but also the width of strips – from narrow and delicate strips to wide and emphasized strips.