Roman Shade

The Roman Shade in classic stitching is considered one of the most popular shades, both for its clean look and the extremely wide selection of fabrics.
The shades are stitched in state-of-the-art production halls, where the level of stitching precision is constantly elevated.


TKIS’s designers will offer assistance in matching the correct fabric for the Roman Shade. TKIS presents a huge collection comprised of thousands of fabrics at a wide variety of styles by the best world manufacturers.

Production Means – Precision

Where Roman Shades are concerned, precision is the name of the game. TKIS has the most advanced production line in this business, allowing us to produce Roman Shades at the highest level, with the most complex and accurate stitches and folds.

Stitching Types

TKIS’s technological advantage is also expressed in a variety of stitching types to go with the Roman Shade. Whether front or back stitching – TKIS’s selection of stitching types will easily comply with your dream.

Automated Roman

The Automated Roman is made in a computerized production line, which is more accurate than any other kind of stitching. Fabric folds are the pockets sewn to the width of the Roman Shade. You may choose in advance whether the sewn pockets will be at the front of the shade to be shown in the room, or at the back of the shade to be concealed.

Classic Roman

The Roman Shade’s classic stitching is perhaps the most familiar of all. It comes in fixed intervals along the shade, in clean and neat lines. All types of Roman Shades may have classic stitching. TKIS’s stitching quality is the highest worldwide due to advanced equipment, extensive experience and meticulous quality control

Soft Roman

With the soft Roman Shade your window looks pleasant and clean. The familiar and characteristic look of the Roman Shade integrates beautifully with the soft fabrics at numerous hues, textures and prints, to match every design and style you may choose.

Balloon / Austrian

For those who prefer a dramatic look, TKIS presents the Austrian style (balloon) Roman Shade. The Austrian Roam is sewn with a punch tape at the top, and the stitching between the fabric folds is wavelike, emphasizing the romantic classic look of the shade.

Light Control Roman

The Roman Shade belongs to TKIS’s Light Control family of products. It is a unique fabric product with a Roman look, where the amount of incoming light can be controlled like a shade. This shade is made of two separate fabric layers, characterized by dominant stitching lines of the fabric folds.

Rails and Operations

Manual Cord

The Roman Shade, as many other TKIS products, can be operated by cords. They enable lifting the Roman Shade, lowering it, and enjoying the elegant rolling of folds in the process

Manual Chain

In addition to the familiar cord mechanism and the possibility of remote electrical operation, the Roman Shade is equipped with a chain mechanism. The chain for lifting and lowering the shade is made of nickel-like plastic or metal beads.


TKIS’s experts will willingly match the fastest and most efficient motor to your Roman Shade. You may interface the shade’s operation with smart home systems and choose whether to operate it with a click of a button, remote control or a smart-home connection.




For a modern, clean look with defined edges, you may add Borders to you Roman Shade. The Border is additional fabric on the edges of the shade for emphasis and demarcation of its frame.


One of the main trends in the styling world today is combining disciplines and enriching items with various accessories. The Roman Shade is an excellent basis for accessories and additions such as crystals, which add a creative and personal dimension to the shade.

Fixed Fold

A unique feature of the Roman Shade is, among other things, its folds. Whoever has a fascination for Roman charm may add a fold which will constantly remain on the shade and will not disappear when the shade is fully deployed.

Shading Lining
The shading lining improves the Roman Shade’s functionality, enabling effective filtration of the sun radiation and light. The lining is sewn as part of the shade and matches its color and texture, keeping a stylish look from the outside as well.

Blackout Lining
The blackout lining sewn at the back of the Roman Shade is intended to darken the room. It is most commonly used in bedrooms and conference & projection rooms. You may choose the blackout hue either in compliance with the shade’s hue or the required color from the outside. A Roman Shade with an additional blackout fabric generally requires dry cleaning.